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Mole Removal at Snowberry Lane

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    Mole removals do not have to be a tricky procedure to carry out.

    In this video Dr.Gabriel of Snowberry Lane Clinic in Melksham, England shows us how the team at the clinic can safely remove a mole without leaving any scars and the potential risk of damage.

    In this particular instance, Dr.Gabriel goes in depth to discuss radio mole removal.

    In this video you will see how it is described as a HD type of treatment, meaning that it is much more precise and accurate than traditional mole removal methods you would find in many other clinics.

    The treatment involves the use of two very small instruments: a loop and a ball.

    These help to remove the mole and then gently cauterise the base of the moles location.

    As you can see when he holds up the instruments, they are very small.

    The loop is the radio wave transmitter, with a small receiver plate placed behind the patient to allow for a large concentration of energy to be put on the mole without any damage being potentially caused by heating the area.

    This massive reduction in heat ensures that the skin we leave behind from the treatment will have little to no signs of any blemishes.

    The process of receiving the treatment is very simple.

    Firstly a photograph of the mole is taken before the lesion is marked with a surgical marker and anesthetized with a local anesthetic.

    Radio waves are then applied to the loop to gently vaporise it and leave a normal base of skin.

    In instances where there is a need for some cauterising, the bull tip is used to stop any bleeding points.

    After that a simple application of Vaseline or ointment is placed on the now treated area if the removal has taken place anywhere on the face.

    If the treatment is on the body, breathable spray dressing is applied and covered with a dry dressing.

    This is done for only a few days.

    After that, skin needs to be moisturised to ensure an excellent result.

    If you want a link to this video: https://youtu.be/NSqRfrUzCCs

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