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Trade Direct Range of Towel Rails Trade Radiators

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    Weve launched the brand new Trade Direct line of heated towel rails that are perfect for the home and in this short video with Jimmy the Plumber, well show you everything you need to know about this product.

    We buy directly from the factories and therefore and pass the savings directly on to you.

    In this video were having a look at two examples of the Trade Direct range, their versatility and what type of heating systems they can be used on.

    0:28 All our radiators come packed quite nicely and are easy enough to get open for setup as Jimmy shows us.

    Out of the packaging these towel rails look beautiful, and when you compare them with towel rails youd see on competitor sites, youll see that they dont have as many bars or are as thick at the rails on these.

    00:45The bars on these radiators are 22mm wide and there are more horizontal bars than other brands.

    This enables the radiators to easily have a higher BTU heat output than other main brand radiators.

    Most competitors will only have 19mm on the bars of similarly designed radiators.

    With the increased number of bars going across the radiator, make them much more efficient.

    00:58 The towel rails come in a very wide range of sizes to suit all spaces: from 600mm high to 1800mm high, and from 400mm wide to 1000mm wide.

    All the towel rails in this range can be dual fuel with an electric element in the bottom of the radiator as well.

    The range is standard for a typical hot water system, with our pipe centres typically 50mm less than the radiator width.

    But be sure to check that before installing.

    1:20 The radiators can be heated up easily with an electric element, be it a thermostatic valve or traditional one.

    Both can be controlled by remote timers as well.

    This means that your radiator can be a standalone radiator, so if you dont want the system to be one, but would like the towel rail on in the summer, these are great with the addition of a little dual fuel manifold.

    2:00 At the 2 minute mark youll hear Jimmy talk about how Trade direct towel rails can be used as a standalone model, which are supplied with a funnel and some inhibitor which is really easy to add.

    All you need to do is open the top bung on the radiator, put the funnel in the hole to avoid any spillage, tip the inhibitor in, and top up the rest of the radiator with water.

    As soon as you have water coming out of the radiator and making sure you have a towel underneath to catch any water remove the funnel and pop the bung back in.

    2:22 These towel rails can also be used be a in dual fuel system with an element and also through the heating system.

    Jimmy shows us quickly how to attach a manifold to any Trade Direct towel rail with ease.

    All the radiators used in the video are from http://www.traderadiators.com

    You can take a look at the Trade Direct range visit https://www.traderadiators.com/acatalog/cheapheatedtowelrails.html

    If youd like to see more videos of Jimmy installing radiators, you can check out videos from our How To Playlist at https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLPOmDTRL4koceq9GI_mrIzXNYTv3tnfKP

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